COVID tech tips

We recently posted about where and how Houston residents can get the coronavirus vaccine. Now, let’s dive into some Tech Tips that can make it easier for you to get that COVID Vaccine Appointment Online.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought loss, damage, and fear into the lives of countless people across the globe. It is no secret that most of our daily routines have come to an abrupt halt since 2020. However, a glimpse of hope returned with the announcement of verified COVID-19 vaccines. 

But how do you make sure that you get easy access to the vaccine? Well, there are plenty of COVID tech tips that provide ways to get appointments at CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. Although it should be as simple as using browser tools and setting up alerts to get notified when a schedule is available, the reality is far more frustrating. 

The demand for the COVID-19 vaccine has skyrocketed, which makes it hard to book an appointment online or via phone. This issue persists across supermarkets, national pharmacies, and hospitals. In order to make it less frustrating for you to get your COVID vaccine appointment online, you can follow some simple Tech Tips. The Wall Street Journal’s Joanna Stern provides four easy steps that you can use today.

Plan of Action to Get Covid Vaccine Appointment Online

Step 1 – Join a Social Media Vaccine Group

Stern recommends local social media vaccine groups to be a great tech solution. All that is needed is to go on your Facebook page and search for your local city vaccine group. 

If you are looking to book an appointment for an elderly person in need, many Facebook groups  will help you schedule the appointment. You can also join public vaccine websites such as Vaccine Finder to help fasten your scheduling process. 

Step 2 – Save Web Addresses For Easy Access

Stern suggests saving the Web URLs, so you’re always ready for scheduling. It is also vital to understand the pharmacy and drug store rules and eligibility criteria beforehand. Here is an easy way of saving web addresses or URLs

Step 3 – Set Up Autofill

The third step might sound a bit silly, but it will enhance your overall user experience and interaction. It’s simple, just set up autofill and save it on your computer. This will increase the speed of your scheduling process by quickly filling in information such as your name, phone number etc. Here is how you set up an Autofill.

Step 4 – Install Browser Extensions 

Last but not least, install browser extensions that will provide you with real-time scheduling data. There are tons of vaccine-related extensions out there, and one such extension is the Page Refresh option that will refresh as soon as you click the button.  Here is the way to set up a Page Refresh browser extension

Implement these steps and you are ready to get online and make that COVID vaccine appointment. 

Recent Info on COVID Vaccine in Houston

Johnson & Johnson now has a waitlist for Houston residents to get their vaccine. The waitlists are currently open to to those in Phase 1A and 1B. 12,000 doses of the vaccine are currently in the hands of vaccinators in the Houston metro area. Vaccination sites constantly update each day as the vaccine becomes more widespread. 

Sign up for a waitlist to reserve your spot in line.