With many Americans staying home to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are adopting furry companions to keep them company during these isolated times. Pet adoption centers across the country are seeing huge increases in adoption rates over the past few months.

Of course, when it comes to bringing a new animal into your home, you want to make sure your new furry friend is a good match for your personality and lifestyle. An innovative website/app is hoping to become the eHarmony or for dog adoption.

How I Met My Dog is similar to popular dating platforms, but instead of matching users with dating partners, they match potential adopters with shelter and rescue dogs that match their personality traits, lifestyle, living arrangement, and more.

“Every dog is different and so is every person looking to adopt a dog. We make our matches based on behavior and lifestyle so the dog you fall in love with is a dog you can truly live with,” their website reads.

How I Met My Dog (HIMMD) uses its proprietary P.E.T. (that stands for Personality, Expectations, and Training Style) Profile to determine human and dog “comPETibility” on more than 30 levels. Users take a survey that helps determine what kind of pet parent they are, and they are then presented with potential dog matches. They can apply for dogs are shelters and rescues directly through the service.

Here’s something that might surprise you — HIMMD doesn’t ask any questions about breed.

That’s because their experts say people adopting solely based on breed often later find the dog they’ve brought into their home doesn’t meet their expectations. That results in more dogs being sent back to shelters where they could be euthanized.

By focusing on matching adopters with dogs that match their personality and lifestyle, HIMMD believes it increases the chances of helping pet owners find true puppy love.

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