hurricane prep kit

With hurricanes, it’s critically important to be prepared. A Hurricane Preparedness Kit can be an important part of your preparedness. 

We hope this guide helps your family — including your pets — stay safe in case of these serious storms hit Houston and beyond.

Hurricane Preparedness Kit – Must Haves

  • Water – You want one gallon per person per day and at least a three-day supply. Experts recommend a week’s worth. If space isn’t a huge issue for you, you should go for a week’s worth.
  • Food This is always the tricky item, and it’s going to vary by household. You want a week’s worth of non-perishable foods that are also easy to prepare. If you’re not sure what to pack, there are pre-made emergency food packs that can literally last for up to 25 years.
  • First aid kitIn case your home is damaged, there’s a chance you could also get hurt. If it’s a bad cut, you’ll be happy to have plenty of bandaids and medical tape on hand until you’re able to see a doctor.
  • Prescription medications – Make sure you have any and all medications that you take on a regular basis well stocked ahead of a storm.
  • Personal hygiene items – You need some items on hand for staying clean, like hand sanitizer, feminine products, etc.
  • Important documents – If you don’t have things like birth certificates, a deed to your home and insurance policies in a fireproof safe, make sure to do that. You need to provide insurance companies with these documents. The heavier the safe the better, in case heavy winds blow parts of your house away.
  • Flashlight + batteries – Chances of power outages are high. You’ll need to be able to see in the dark.

Hurricane Preparedness Kit – Nice To Have

  • Emergency blanket – It could get cold, so this will come in handy.
  • Rain gearIt can certainly help in case you have to go outside during the heavy rains.
  • SunscreenIn case you’re stuck outside post storm, you’ll be glad your skin isn’t burning.
  • NOAA Weather RadioWe all have smartphones today, but there’s always a chance a hurricane can knock out cell towers, leaving you with no information. A NOAA Weather Radio can keep you updated on critical parts of the storm.
  • Portable chargerIf cell service is available, you’ll want to make sure you have a full battery — maybe even a couple — that can keep your smartphone charged until power is restored.
  • Multi-purpose toolYou never know if you need to cut or unscrew something. This can come in very handy.

Other things to consider

The items above are pretty critical, but it’s not a one-size fit all solution for all families.

Families with infants, for instance, need to make sure they have plenty of baby formula and diapers on hand. You’ll also want a couple trash bags and Ziplock bags in case you’re stuck in a basement and have no wear to put soiled diapers.

It’s also a good idea to set your refrigerator and freezer to the coldest settings so when the power does go out, food will last longer.

If you have pets, try and have a cage you can put them if and when things get really bad.

And in the COVID-19 era, it’s going to be a smart idea that everyone in your household has at least two face masks, in case you need to evacuate and go into a building with a lot of people.

It’s important to be prepared, but make sure not to hoard. There are plenty of supplies for everyone to go around.

Key Resources For Hurricane Preparedness in the Houston Area

  1. United Way of Greater Houston

  2. City of Houston Disaster Assistance

  3. City of Houston Emergency Operations Center


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