id tech summer camp

Children of today need to learn the right skills and knowledge if they are to succeed in the economy of tomorrow. Right now, some of the most vital skills kids need to acquire are concerned with STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The world of tomorrow will be designed for and with cutting edge technology, so it’s vital that kids gain a firm understanding of the principles behind that technology. To help kids learn the essential skills they need for future success, iD Tech is hosting summer camps in Houston which offer kids a welcoming atmosphere for building the STEM foundation they need.

At iD Tech summer camps, kids between the ages of 7 and 19 can learn to code and create software ranging from basic video games to Fortnite-inspired virtual worlds and Minecraft mods. From there, kids can move on to engineering their own robots and robotic machinery, design and print 3D models, work with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, and more.

iD Tech summer camps are week-long programs that offer both day camp and overnight summer programs. Classes are kept small with just 5 to 10 campers per instructor to ensure that each camper learns at her own pace and develops the core skills they need to succeed.

Sessions for iD Tech’s summer STEM camps run from June to August, and prices vary based on camp specialization and dates. For pricing and date information, check out the two websites for their two summer camps in the Houston area: one at Rice University and another at University of Houston.

Summer camp can be a great opportunity for your child to learn new skills that will propel her towards future success. Let iD Tech show your child what she’s truly capable of this summer.

For more information visit iD Tech’s official website or Facebook page.


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