Imperfect Produce

In the United States, roughly 30-40 percent of our food supply is wasted each year due to various factors. One of these is the fact that consumers and retailers prefer to only buy or stock those fruits and vegetables that look exactly like their plastic Fisher Price counterparts. Nobody wants a weird-shaped potato or an apple with a dent in it right? What if those imperfect fruits and vegetables could save you up to 50% of what you’re spending on produce at grocery stores? That’s where Imperfect Produce comes in.

Imperfect Produce has expanded to Houston and will begin delivering its “ugly” fruits and vegetables on January 28. Imperfect Produce was founded in 2015 in order to help eliminate food waste, help American farmers benefit from full harvests, and lower grocery bills. Imperfect Produce buys up the approximately 20% of fruits and vegetables which are discarded due to not meeting the strict, arbitrary cosmetic standards of grocery stores. Billions of pounds of produce are wasted each year due to inconsequential cosmetic defects on what are otherwise perfectly normal, delicious, and nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Imperfect Produce gathers these “ugly” vegetables and fruits and sells them to customers in packages ranging from $12-18 depending on size. Customers can choose to have these delivered either weekly or bi-weekly.

HOTC readers can use the code HOUSTON5 to get $5 their first weekly or bi-weekly shipment of customized produce boxes between now and March 2019. Houston delivery is expected to be available in central and greater Houston neighborhoods but will expand in months to come.

Head over to Imperfect Produce’s sign-up page to check out current planned delivery areas and to get started reducing your food bills and doing your part to reduce food waste. Who says produce needs to look perfect?