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When rain or other bad weather keeps kids stuck indoors all day, keeping everybody entertained and happy can be challenging. But there are plenty of fun indoor games kids (and even adults in some cases!) can enjoy to beat the boredom.

Indoor Games For Kids (And Adults) 

  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to keep kids moving indoors while they look for certain objects or clues.
  2. Create a fort and enjoy indoor camping. Build a pillow or blanket fort and have fun doing all sorts of activities inside them.
  3. Throw a strike with indoor bowling. If you have some empty juice or soda bottles laying around and a tennis ball (or similar-sized ball), you can make an indoor bowling lane.
  4. Build something cool using marshmallows and pretzel sticks. You can make all sorts of neat things with these food-based building blocks.
  5. Have a paper airplane flying contest. Each member of the family can create his or her own paper airplane and compete to see whose will fly the farthest.
  6. Bust out the Legos and build something amazing. Not only is this a lot of fun, but it’s also educational for kids.
  7. Play a rousing game of Balloon Stomp. This is a fun one to take the energy level up a notch. Simply inflate some balloons and tie one to each player’s ankles (two balloons per player). Divide the players up into two teams, with each team trying to step on and pop the other team’s balloons.
  8. Keep the balloon in the air. While you have the balloons out, play the classic game of keeping the balloon in the air hitting it back and forth. You can make things more difficult and exciting by having players tie a hand behind their back.
  9. Make a hopscotch board with some painters tape. If you have some extra painters tape around, you can easily mark off a hopscotch playing area!
  10. Play ping pong ball catch. If you have a ping pong ball and a couple of cups, you have everything you need to play a game of indoor catch. Use the cup (a Solo cup works great!) as your “glove” to catch the ping pong ball as you toss it back and forth.
What are some other fun indoor games for kids? Comment below and let us know
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