JetBlue All You Can Jet

Traveling is expensive. As much as we all want to travel the world, the astronomical costs of modern air travel means most of us have to pick and choose our adventures. Luckily, JetBlue has announced a new sweepstakes which will make it easy for winners to go everywhere they’ve ever wanted to. JetBlue’s new “All You Can Jet” sweepstakes will give three lucky winners the opportunity to fly to hundreds of destinations for free for one year. There’s a catch, though: to enter, you have to delete or archive your entire Instagram feed first. Is it worth it?

For many people, no. For others, though, this is a chance to not only see the world for free, but start fresh with a brand new social media feed. “With a blank social slate, participants are able to make room for all the destinations and activities they could capture and share using the pass,” JetBlue shared in a statement. This way, JetBlue added, the winners can showcase “who or what they love most by filling in the blank: All You Can ____.”

If you’re willing to clear your Instagram history, head over to the sweepstakes’ official website for instructions on how to create your “All You Can _____” image using their template. After you upload it to Instagram, you will be required to keep your Instagram feed free of all other content until the end of the sweepstakes period. The All You Can Jet sweepstakes began on February 27 and will end on March 8, 2019 at 8:59:59am EST.

Visit for a full list of rules.