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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a kid in your life with boundless energy (wait, isn’t that every kid?), then we’ve got a fantastic deal for you. To celebrate the holiday season, Springfree Trampoline is offering an incredible discount on the world’s safest, high quality and longest lasting trampoline – up to $549 off with code USBF19. Don’t miss your chance to spring into these savings and see the recipient jump with joy!

In addition to a long history of providing an innovative, high-quality product for an already exceptional value, Springfree Trampoline is a proven way to get kids outside and playing. That’s a huge relief for parents who are constantly trying to get kids to enjoy some fresh air, and they can relax knowing the trampoline comes with a full 10-year warranty.
Like the name suggests, a Springfree Trampoline is spring free! Instead of metal springs, these trampolines feature flexible composite rods, so you don’t have to worry about those pinch points that plagued your own childhood jumping experience. The safety enclosure keeps jumpers safely inside, and its patented SoftEdge™ Mat ensures there are no hard edges and absorbs 30 times more impact than traditional padding.
It truly stands in a class of its own, providing a timeless, fun activity without sacrificing safety. In fact, Springfree Trampoline is the only trampoline recommended and proven to be safe by two independent groups. And it’s miles ahead of the competition, receiving a safety test score of 93 percent compared to competitor brands coming in with scores of 28 and 36 percent. When you look at it that way – we know who we’d trust to keep us safe while bouncing!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

From now until December 1, get up to $549 on your new, safe trampoline with code USBF19. That’s up to $350 off the trampoline itself, plus delivery and installation for only $99 (regularly $250). They’re also throwing in a free Flexrstep Ladder to make sure you’re getting in and out of the trampoline as safely as possible. Springfree Trampoline offers seven models, so regardless of the size of your yard, you can carve out a space for some jumping fun.


Holiday Sale

Want to add a trampoline to your backyard but not quite ready to make the purchase? Don’t worry! This wonderful discount deal comes back for the holidays. From December 3-16, you can take advantage of the same discount!

So if you think a trampoline would make an amazing addition to your backyard, join the 50,000 American families who are already enjoying the doctor-developed Springfree Trampoline.

For more information on the world’s safest trampoline and to order today, visit Springfree Trampoline’s official website.

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