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The idea of social distancing is a new concept to most people. It’s a phrase that came on the scene in force, during the earlier part of 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping the world. While sheltering-in-place is definitely helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it has a way of driving some people a little stir-crazy. The good news is that if you’re missing the people that used to be the closest to you, there are several ways that you can bridge the distance and remain close until you can spend more time together again.



If your friend or relative loves flowers, BloomsyBox is a great way to show you care. This exciting subscription service offers farm fresh flowers directly from some of the best farms in the country — so fresh that they come from farm to home in as little as 48-72 hours.  Shipping is free. Even though BloomsyBox is a subscription service, you can choose how frequently bouquets arrive. You’ll also be able to cancel whenever you want. A wide variety of beautiful, fresh blooms are available. Packages start at $39.99 per month, but you can use code TEXAS15 to get 15% off of a Premium Subscription. Each bouquet comes with instructions on how to care for the lovely blooms you receive. It’s definitely a good way to help brighten the homes of friends and loved ones. Learn all about BloomsyBox.


Zoom Parties

staying close while social distancing

Video chatting is a great way to remain close with friends and family. These days, Zoom is being used for just about everything. You can use it for work, family reunions, date nights, and much more. It’s easy enough for everyone to use and it’s free. You can include 100 people in one chat on a free account. This means you can have a class reunion, a work meeting, or bring your entire family together to celebrate a birthday. Whatever you want to do, Zoom allows you to do it with a friend from a safe distance.


Send Some Snail Mail

send letter

Remember when you would get so excited to get mail as a child? The same can be said for adults, these days. The fact is that most people don’t receive mail like they used to. You might get junk mail, bills, or Amazon packages, but people don’t send letters and cards to others like they once did. Now could be a perfect time to do so. Send letters to your friends and there is a good chance that they will send something back. Even if they don’t, sending a handwritten card or letter will be certain to show someone how you feel and will certainly brighten their day.


Have a Viewing Party with Kast

get paid to watch tv

Kast is a service that allows you to share something on your screen with people on the internet. You have the chance to chat while you’re watching either in text or using video and audio so that others see and hear you. This means that you can have movie nights again! Whoever is sharing their screen will be able to play movies from streaming services or even free services. As long as you can watch it on a browser, you can stream it on Kast. This is a great way to stay connected to family and friends whether they are nearby or across the country. Netflix and Amazon are also beginning to allow for viewing parties if you prefer to watch through a specific service.


Send Something Delicious


The options here are pretty endless. You could send wine, chocolates, or even order Postmates to send someone a sweet treat or even dinner to go with your Zoom date. There are a vast amount of delivery services and even more meal kit options that you can have sent all across the country. You can order cupcakes from a NYC bakery or send an entire BBQ dinner from the best Texas restaurants. Whether you choose mail order or local delivery, if you are friends with a foodie, they will be sure to love whatever it is you choose.


How are you staying connected with friends and family during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments!


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