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COVID-19 has brought everything from social distancing to National Emergencies worldwide. Although distancing is required for the health and wellbeing of all Americans, Easter Sunday will continue according to many churches across the United States. Just in a different format.

One of the churches participating in Easter Sunday services is closer to home. Pastor Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church here in Houston will be hosting an online Easter service on Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12, and he’s going to have some special guests there to join him.

Some of the stars set to join Pastor Joel Osteen on the stage include former Lakewood guest and rapper Kayne West, Grammy Award Winning artist and actress Mariah Carey, as well as director and producer Tyler Perry.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic preventing large gatherings, in-person services will be affected by this. But Pastor Joel Osteen has arranged for the Easter Sunday service to be held remotely.

It was reported first by TMZ that Mariah Carey will sing her song, “Hero” via webcam in honor of the medical professionals and first responders putting their lives at risk every day.

The report also detailed that Tyler Perry will have the stage to say some words of inspiration for viewers grappling with this pandemic.

And of course, Kayne West will be back with his famous Sunday Service church choir to provide the music during the service remotely performing from Los Angeles.

All reports have been confirmed by Lakewood Church.

Officials of the church have also stated that the service will be prerecorded on Friday, April 10. Church officials stated that Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo and Houston Fire Department Chief Sam Pena will also be providing taped prayers for the city.

Viewing will be made available to the public for streaming online on Sunday at 11 am.

Last weekend alone 5 million viewers tuned in for the Sunday service by Lakewood Church. A representative of the church said they expect to top the 5 million viewers with the Easter Sunday service.

To stream the Easter Sunday service at Lakewood Church and get more information you can visit their website.