galveston zoom backgrounds

Just because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a need for social distancing, it doesn’t mean you have to stop socializing. You just need to do it in a new way. As families began social distancing, online communication became instantly popular overnight. While it’s always been popular, now people began trying it out that weren’t using it before. We found new ways to communicate for business and pleasure. For most people, that new method of communication is Zoom.

The possibilities of Zoom are fairly endless. People use it for work meetings, but they also use it for dates, game nights, movie nights, checking in with the family, and to talk to their friends. Most of the things you used to do in-person can be done in a Zoom chat.

While Zoom chats are great, you might want a background more exciting than whatever is hanging out behind your webcam. What if you could host a meeting with your friend on a beach? How about a cruise? You could even step into a historic mansion for a little fun. You don’t need to go to any of these places. All you need is the right Zoom background. has a great set of available Zoom backgrounds. These will allow your friends to see your bright and smiling face with a fun, trendy, or breathtaking background your choice. All of the available backgrounds are free for use. You just find the ones you like, hit the download link, and right click to save the image.

“Social distancing hasn’t stopped social interaction, it’s just changed its location. We are all hanging-out, working and staying connected virtually these days with zoom meetings taking place in our homes, but wouldn’t you rather have your next meeting on the beach? Host a happy hour in Moody Mansion or Bishop’s Palace? Or even sail away on a cruise? Check out Galveston’s gallery of Zoom backgrounds, so you can be on Island Time, all the time,” a message on Galveston’s website reads.


How to Add a Background Imagine to your Zoom Chat

When you’re ready to add your background just follow these instructions:

  • Choose the background you like
  • Hit download and right click to save the chosen image
  • Load up Zoom
  • Go into your preferences and choose virtual background
  • Upload your new background

It’s as easy as that.

If you’re not a big Zoom user, there are other downloads available you can use. You’ll also be able to find backgrounds for desktop and phones. Download instructions are virtually the same. Just click the download button and right click to save the image!

What’s your favorite Zoom background image? Let us know in the comments!