MLB Season Postponement: What Astros and Other Fans Need to Know


Like many sports these days, Major League Baseball has decided to suspend plans for the upcoming 2020 season. This means that Spring Training is over for the year and that the opening of the season will be pushed back to July 23 or 24 with an abbreviated 60-game season this year. Opening games were set to begin taking place on March 26, but obviously, that got pushed back nearly 4 months due to the pandemic.

You might be wondering what an MLB season postponement means for you. The following sections should help to answer any questions you have about the upcoming MLB season.

Why is there an MLB Season postponement? The MLB commissioner, Robert D. Manfred Jr. announced that due to the coronavirus and the safety of both players and fans, that the MLB Spring Training would be stopped and that the regular season would be pushed back at least two weeks. This means that for the next month there won’t be any MLB games scheduled. The opening season is currently planned for July 23 or 24 with a shortened season.

Is the entire MLB season canceled? No. At this time only Spring Break and the 2020 World Baseball Classic Qualifier  have been canceled. The 2020 MLB season is still planned, but will start July 23 or 24 with an abbreviated 60-game season.

What if I have Opening Day tickets? As the games are not canceled, but rather postponed, the process will depend on a few factors. If you bought your tickets through Stub Hub, you’ll get a refund. Otherwise, it may depend on the team you have tickets to see. Not every team has released a policy on what to expect. Most of the teams that have said anything are either offering credits for postponed games or refunds.

Will the postponed games be rescheduled? It’s hard to say if the games will be rescheduled, if the league will have teams play doubleheaders to get caught up, or if there will simply be a shorter season. Once decisions are made and announced, we will do everything to keep you updated.

What if I had tickets to a postponed MLB game? The MLB hasn’t canceled the season. However, as this is a rapidly evolving situation a lot of decisions are still being made. If you have tickets to games that are postponed, it looks like you’ll get a refund (depending on where you purchased your tickets) or a credit so that you can attend a game once the season resumes.

The MLB season was slated to officially begin on March 26 but is being pushed back to at least April 9. We will be sure to update you if the postponement is pushed back even further.