mobius houston

Art lovers and selfie-takers alike, get ready to enjoy a beautiful new sculpture engineered and assembled right here in our very own city of Houston! The grand opening for “Mobius Houston” by the New York-based Uruguayan artist Marta Chilindrón will take place Friday, October 11.

This larger-than-life public art piece is symbolic of the importance University of Houston is making on its position about its artistic choices. The Public Art UHS director and chief curator María C. Gaztambide stated, “With our Temporary Public Art program, we are really looking to position ourselves as a very unique platform where cutting-edge art, higher education and our diverse communities can converge.”

She also placed an importance on the representation and freedom of artists to create new and innovative works, saying “We want to provide opportunities for artists to experiment with materials that they may not have had the chance to use before, or experiment with issues of scale and medium to truly test new boundaries for themselves and expand the range of their own work.”

Although Chilindrón is known worldwide for her colorful and vibrant, luminous and convertible sculptures, she admitted it was outside of her comfort zone. The new acrylic sculpture titled “Mobius Houston” is reflective of her other pieces, which are mobius strips, although this work is not made from the material.

“Mobius Houston” is made from 3 big pieces of acrylic glass of different colors, and when the sunlight shines through the piece, it creates beautiful shadows of all different colors.

Standing at 11 feet tall and 22 feet wide, this massive art piece is a version of a smaller “Mobius” debuted in 2013. The series was a part of her first largescale public art project in the state of Texas.

In a statement, The University of Houston expressed its elation about the UH Public Art programing stating:

“The establishment of a new Temporary Public Art program comes at an exciting time as the UH System celebrates Public Art UHS’ 50th anniversary. In 1969, UH became the first university in Texas to adopt a Percent for Art program. Today there are nearly 700 objects on view at the four UH System institutions: UH, University of Houston-Downtown, University of Houston-Clear Lake and University of Houston-Victoria, as well as the location UH serves in Sugar Land.”

The sculpture “Mobius Houston” will be on view at Wilhelmina’s Grove in the UH Arts District for six months. So, head over to the UH’s public art district outside the Moores School of Music on Friday, Oct. 11 for the chance to be among the first to get photographed next to the beautiful sculpture.

The Moores School of Music is located at 3333 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77004.

For more information on ‘Mobius Houston’ visit UH’s news website here.