easy margarita recipes

National Margarita Day is this Monday, February 22nd. Wohoo!!!  After the cold snap these last few days, it could not come soon enough for all of us. If you have decided to stay in, that does not mean that you have to miss out on the celebrations. We have you covered here with our top 10 easy recipes to help you make the best margaritas at home!

Some people like their margaritas frozen while others swear by on the rocks. Some people like a classic margarita whereas others are more adventurous and like a jalapeno kick to theirs! Whatever is your preference, you will find some unique options in our top 10 easy Margarita recipes!!!


Delish.com: This one does not need any fancy mixes or machines. All you need is 5 ingredients and ice. The ratio is easy to remember too! 1 part simple syrup – 2 parts triple sec – 4 parts tequila – 4 parts lime juice. For more details and easy instructions click here.

Allrecipes.com: Authentic margaritas call for lots of fresh lime juice – both expensive and time-consuming.Try a shortcut from allrecipes.com by using frozen limeade. And for a festive non-alcoholic drink, combine a 12-ounce can of limeade (thawed) with a 48-ounce bottle of sparkling water. For simple step by step guidance, click here. This is one of our best picks among the top 10  easy Margarita recipes!!!

MarthaStewart.com: Purists may disdain frozen margaritas, but purists don’t get the upper hand on Margarita Day. This version keeps it simple, with fresh lime juice, tequila, sugar, and lots of ice blended into a frosty mass and served in a salt-rimmed glass. For detailed recipe click here.

Foodnetwork.com: Sure, a margarita on the rocks will get the job done, but FoodNetwork thinks that sipping on this slushed, boozy treat just feels festive. However, the formula for a frozen margarita is not as easy. Check it out here.



Foodnetwork.com: Classic Margarita recipe requires tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur and agave syrup in a large pitcher. Get all the details here.

Epicurious.com: With few ingredients to hide behind, this classic recipe demands good spirits. Use a high quality, 100% agave tequila for this refreshing cocktail. Some people may prefer to decrease the lime juice to ¾ ounce. More details are here.

Delish.com: Classic Margarita – According to Delish.com it’s all about the perfect ratio. Use 2 parts tequila: 1 part triple sec: 1.75 parts lime juice. Get the low down here.

TheSpruceEats.com: The original margarita is one of the easiest cocktails you can make from scratch. You’ll love the refreshing lime flavor backed by your favorite tequila, and this classic recipe inspired every other margarita in the world. This one is bound to make your National Margarita day special!



Mezcal Margarita: If you like smoky flavor in your food, you have to try this one. According to Gimmesomeoven.com “Mezcal actually is the “cousin” of tequila.  It’s made from the same blue agave plant in the “Tequila” region of Mexico, and is usually produced in Oaxaca.  But while tequila’s agave is usually baked in stone ovens, mezcal’s agave is buried in pits with hot rocks and smoked. ” For the detailed recipe click here.

Jalapeno Margarita: No list of margarita recipes can be complete without this hot and spicy version. Our pick from loveandlemons.com is spicy, tart, slightly sweet, and super refreshing over ice. Get the hot scoop here.


And if you would prefer to venture out and get your margarita made for you, we don’t blame you. Check out our list of National Margarita Day Deals in Houston!