NBA season postponement


It was announced yesterday that the remainder of the NBA season would be postponed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re a season ticketholder to the Houston Rockets or you are just a fan that likes watching from home, you probably have a lot of questions about what this means for the NBA season. If that’s the case, hopefully you’ll find the answers you need about the NBA season postponement right here!

Why is the NBA Season postponement happening? The coronavirus has caused the NBA commissioner Adam Silver to announce that the NBA season will be on hiatus for at least one month. He was unable to say whether or not the postponement would take longer than that and it would likely depend on the path that the coronavirus takes in the future.

Are all NBA games canceled? Technically right now all games are being postponed. Naturally, more information will come to light as we get more information on coronavirus, but for now all games are postponed for at least the next month.

Will the NBA games be rescheduled? As the NBA is currently saying the season is on hold, rather than being canceled altogether, it’s safe to say that the games will be rescheduled. This could change in the future, but for now the season is on hold instead of being over.

I have tickets for NBA games that are postponed! What do I do? There’s no need to worry. If you already have NBA tickets for any of the postponed games your tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates. If they determine that the games need to be canceled or that the games have to be played in an empty area, ticketholders will be given a credit for a game in the future or you can receive a refund.

The current NBA season postponement is set to last for one month, pushing games back into April. We will be sure to update you as more information is made available.