A new Dyslexia exhibit called Beautiful Minds at The Health Museum in Houston is all set to explore the creative genius and success stories of those diagnosed with dyslexia!

Oftentimes, a learning disorder like dyslexia is considered limiting or a disadvantage, many times it even goes undiagnosed.

But the upcoming exhibit called Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage that is making its debut in Houston will cast a spotlight on the successes of those who have battled dyslexia and went on to produce some really creative works.

Beautiful Minds – Illustrious Personalities with Dyslexia

From Leonardo da Vinci to Steve Jobs to Walt Disney, learn more about illustrious figures with dyslexia who went on to achieve great things.Beautiful Minds is an exploration of the artistic and creative abilities of those diagnosed with dyslexia. It takes a peek at the tools and pathways employed by these artists as resources for diagnosis and ways forward.

Health Museum Houston’s new dyslexia exhibit is also a peek into history to reveal how dyslexic thinkers have made world-changing accomplishments because of their ability to problem-solve in alternative ways.

The exhibit will be unveiled at The Health Museum on 18 September, 2021 and will be on display till 22 May, 2022.

Installations at the New Dyslexia Exhibit at the Health Museum, Houston

Participate in the interactive games at the exhibit.

Among the varied exhibits on display at Health Museum Houston’s new dyslexia exhibit is a sound and visual experience in which guests can listen to stories narrated by children and adults about their experiences of growing up and coping with this diagnosis. 

Artists will also share some of their works which express their own experiences with dyslexia. You can also take a look at some of the life-size illustrations of those illustrious figures in world history who have overcome dyslexia to achieve great success such as Steve Jobs or Leonardo da Vinci.

Visit this exhibit with the entire family and the children in tow to open them up to a number of stories of strength and resilience.

You can also participate in activities like interactive projection-based puzzles, play a giant board game, solve color block math puzzles and indulge in other spatial and word games.

Observe and learn from this upcoming exhibit more about dyslexia, why it goes undiagnosed and how it can potentially foster creative mindsets.

Houston Health Museum New Dyslexia Exhibit – Guidelines and Other Details

Where: The Health Museum | 1515 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX 77004
When: 18 September 2021
How Much: $10 for Adults, $8 for 65+ & children 3-12, Free for children under 3. Click here for tickets.

COVID Guidelines: In following the CDC guidelines, masks are required for all guests ages 2 and up. All guests, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask at all times. For more details click here.


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