The Bluegrass Tomball Festival is back for its 9th year! On Saturday, October 16th don’t miss this free festival taking place at the old railroad depot.

Bluegrass Tomball Festival – Background

Photo Credit: The Houston Chronicle

With the sweet sounds of bluegrass ringing through the Depot, the free Bluegrass Tomball Festival is not one to miss. Back in 1907, the historic Depot was the hub of activity, and the Bluegrass Tomball Festival is bringing it back for its 9th year!

Developed in the 1940s, the Bluegrass genre of music can best be described as a kind of country music that is influenced by jazz and blues. Unlike country, however, Bluegrass is played on acoustic instruments like banjos and guitars.

Festival Headliners

You’re in for a day of toe-tappin’ old-style roots music at the Bluegrass Tomball Festival. The K-Star Country 99.7 PM is hosting a handful of talented headliners: 

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Bluegrass Band

Lonely Bluegrass Band

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Bluegrass Band will be playing a tribute to Beatles songs, but with a bluegrass twist, different than the four boys from Liverpool ever could have imagined. Check out their version of Eleanor Rigby on their website before catching them live at the festival.

Lonestar Bluegrass Band

Lonestar Bluegrass Band

Lonestar Bluegrass Band considered Houston’s most experienced bluegrass band that melds traditional & contemporary bluegrass with a flair for entertainment. Check out their Facebook page

Family-Friendly Activities

Families are encouraged to bring their kids, as the event will be totally family-friendly and offers entertainment and activities, food, merchandise, and even a kids zone which will have a bouncy house!

Bluegrass Tomball Festival – Logistics & More

The music festival kicks off at noon on Saturday, October 16th at 11:30 AM, with free admission and free parking.

Feel free to bring your own chairs, and even instruments if you’re musically inclined! For those interested in joining in, stop by the Shade Tree Jam in front of Granny’s Korner on Market Street throughout the afternoon.

For additional details and the latest updates, visit the Tomball Texan for Fun Facebook page.


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