Ocelot Twins Born At Houston Zoo

Ocelot Twins Born At The Houston Zoo.    Photo credit, Megan Woodall/Houston Zoo

Visit the Houston Zoo, and you will always have a surprise waiting for you! Soon, it is the Ocelot twins born at Houston Zoo that will leave you amazed. The mixed twin cubs were born to mother Genoveve on May 29. Wasabi, the male cub, is always seen resting near his mother, and Sriracha, the female one, is often the first to interact with things. These twins are unique, as they are the first ocelots to be born in the zoo in 20 years!

Jack, the father of the cubs, is genetically the most valuable ocelot in the accredited Association of Zoos and Aquariums facilities. Wasabi and Sriracha form his first set of natural-born cubs. The cubs and their mother are currently spending time behind the scenes and soon will make their first public appearance to leave everyone from kids, their parents, to seniors surprised by their presence.

The Significance of the Ocelot Twins Born At Houston Zoo

The birth of these twins will play an instrumental role in getting close to ensuring the felines have a healthy and promising future. These animals were once found all over South America and the US in Louisiana and Arkansas. Their population is on a decline in South America. However, overall the situation seems better there than in the United States. In the US, only 50 to 80 ocelots are remaining, most of which are found in Laguna Atascosa.

About Ocelots

An ocelot is a medium-sized cat. It has slightly rounded ears and a long ringed tail. The weight of an adult ocelot is around 15 to 35 pounds, and it is approximately 35 to 40 inches in length. It has a tail that’s up to 18 inches long. One of the unique features of an ocelot is that it can turn its ankle joints and, thus, can climb down a tree. A common reason for the decline of ocelots is the loss of habitat. So, your visit to the Houston Zoo can help save their habitat, as the zoo supports people engaged in protecting and replanting forests in Colombia to safeguard ocelots’ homes.

About the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is an extensively spread zoological park located within the Hermann Park in Houston, Texas. The zoo is home to over 6,000 animals from 900 species and connects communities with animals, thus inspiring action to save wildlife. To know more about the Houston Zoo, click here.


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