ontheboards.tv free streaming

Miss going to the theater and watching contemporary arts performances? OntheBoards.tv is currently offering unlimited free streaming of their full library of musical, dance, and theatrical performances for the entire month of April.

So, what is On the Boards and what do you get? You’ll be able to listen to music, watch theater and dance performances by top talented artists and much more.

On the Boards theater also includes the delivery of full-length high-quality performances films. You’ll get to browse through dozens of performance films, including titles by featured artists from all over the world. Some of those talented artists include Young Jean Lee, Markeith Wiley and Rashaun Mitchell.

“OntheBoards.tv, a website that delivers full-length, high quality contemporary performance films to your TV, desktop or laptop computer,” reads a statement on their website. “We are one of the first contemporary performance organizations to begin filming works by top caliber artists with multiple high-definition cameras, collaboratively editing the films with the artists, and delivering feature-length performance films to audiences around the globe. Fans of contemporary performance have better access to artists they want to see regardless of where they live and their busy schedules.”

And the best news is you don’t have to pay anything for the full month of April because it’s completely free all month long!

For the first time ever fans of contemporary performances have a great chance to access artists they’ve wanted to see regardless of busy schedules and high prices. Since their start On the Boards has launched over 60 different films by 42 artists. These artists come from all over the world like Australia, Germany, France, Poland, and Mexico to name a few.

“We recognize that connecting art and audiences is at the heart of what we do, and we are navigating uncharted territory,” said On the Boards Executive Director Betsey Brock in a press release statement. “The safety of our artists, our staff, and our audience comes first, and we’re still figuring out on what will happen with our scheduled live performances. We are so lucky that we are able, through On the Boards.tv, to continue to share performance with our community.”

To get your chance to see performances of a lifetime right in the comfort and safety of your home click here. Access to the subscription is only $40 for a whole year. And you watch OntheBoards.tv right now FREE through the month of April. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to experience the thrill of theater.