19th March – 2021: Earlier today, multiple news organizations reported the story of fishermen spotting a group of 100 Orcas off the coast of Galveston.

According to KHOU 11 report, Captain Sam Hardeman who spotted them said that initially they saw about 100 whales and a group of 30 to 50 then broke off and started following the boat! KHOU11 also reported that according to Greg Whitaker, the animal husbandry manager with Moody Gardens, these things are usually reported once in every 3 years.”It’s truly a blessing to be out there at the right time and the right place,” Whittaker said.

Being in the right place and right time to give yourself a chance of sighting the Orcas certainly sounds like one fantastic reason to visit Galveston. In case you are looking for more, here is a list of 10 other reasons why you should consider a trip to Galveston this weekend!

Things to do in Galveston

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