Book It


In the past, the Book It program was one where teachers were able to sign up their entire classroom during the school year to encourage reading. The Book It program is still going strong, but there have been some changes. The biggest among them is that parents are now able to sign up for their kids on their own for a virtual reading camp this summer.

The entire goal of the Book It program, beyond getting some free, delicious pizza, is to encourage reading. The pizza is just a bonus, of course. Now the program is available during the summer!

Enroll your kids in the Book It program!

Parents will be able to enroll children in grades K-6 from June through August. Program participants will receive virtual camp materials, themed monthly book recommendations, family activities, and more.

Books are selected that will inspire young readers to explore the world around them. Stories allow kids to be more inquisitive, offering tales where characters break down barriers and achieve the impossible. Themes change monthly and include bugs/insects, sports/outdoor activities, STEM skills, and more.

The standard Book It program runs through most of the school year. In both programs, kids can earn free Personal Pan Pizzas each month when they meet or beat reading goals. Parents are also able to receive badges that are related to the books and activities for the month.

The Pizza Hut Book It program has been around for 36 years.