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Having a great dad can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Numerous studies have shown that kids who grow up with a loving, engaged dad perform much better in life and are less likely to drop out of school or find themselves in trouble. Kids who have a close relationship with their dad are likelier to excel academically and get high-paying jobs later in life.

That’s why a newly-launched website is putting out a simple challenge to all fathers — be a radical dad.

RadicalDadding.com is a website launched by the “OG Radical Dad” himself Robert Boudwin, the former 21-year Houston Rockets Mascot (he was the creator and long-time performer of Clutch the Bear) and a single dad of 2 sets of twins, sons and daughters!

The purpose of the site is simple. Boudwin wants to share what he calls his own “Radical Dadding” experiences with readers while also encouraging other dads out there to submit their own special moments to be featured.

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What kind of experiences qualify as “Radical Dadding”? For Boudwin, Radical Dadding is everything from silly antics, like getting the whole family dressed up in costumes to go see a movie premiere or letting the kids dye his hair in yellow, orange, red, and brown stripes to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving, to more important moments, like working together as a family to promote the important cause of encouraging people to register as organ donors.

“This is a place for ALL Dad’s (regular guys) to make special moments happen creating remarkable memories for their kids,” Boudwin says on his website. “Who wants to have fun & connect with their children in unconventional, creative & MEMORABLE ways? I do! AND hopefully YOU too!”

In short, being a “Radical Dad” is all about being there for your kids and creating those special moments the kids and the dad alike will cherish for a lifetime.

Boudwin hopes that his website will not only entertain visitors with his own antics, but that it will also motivate dads to find new, exciting, and meaningful ways to connect with their kids and do something amazing together.

“I hope you join me on some of the “Radical Dadding” journeys I’ve invested in and that it inspires you too,” Boudwin says. “That’s what you are in for on RadicalDadding.com…the different, the remarkable, the extreme, and, at very least, conjuring up original, unique & memorable experiences for your children!”


Are You or Someone You Know a ‘Radical Dad’?

While Boudwin documents his own special stories and experiences each week on his blog, his main goal is to spread the “Radical Dadding” movement by encouraging other extraordinary dads out there to share their own awesome moments to be featured on his site.

If you’re a Radical Dad, you can click here and share your own epic moments and happenings — whether it’s a video, photo, meme, or story (just keep it clean and fun!) –for consideration to be included on the site. And if you’re someone reading this who has a Radical Dad in your life, encourage them to share their stories on the site too!

Check out RadicalDadding.com for some funny stories and more information.