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As we all continue to adapt to current world events, our mission at HoustonOnTheCheap is the same as it’s been since day one — to provide our readers with great resources for living their best lives without breaking the bank. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with Real Simple Energy to continue bringing you daily content that helps you save money, find great things to do, and lead a fulfilled life.

This sponsorship is something we are very excited about for a number of reasons:

  • HoustonOnTheCheap will get added support to provide tons of daily content for our readers
  • You, our reader, will continue to enjoy a totally free site with the useful content you’ve come to expect from HOTC over the last 11+ years
  • Real Simple Energy gets attention for their services that help Houstonians save big on their electricity bills


About Our Partner

Since launching in 2018, Real Simple Energy has established itself as a revolutionary electricity shopping platform, serving as an independent and unbiased agent. 

96% of Texans unknowingly overpay for electricity, and the average Texan can save over $500/year using Real Simple Energy’s agency service.

Real Simple Energy customers never have to worry about finding the right plan in this complicated and tricky market again. In short, Real Simple Energy makes sure its customers always have the best electricity plan and saves them a ton of money.

“We continue to disrupt the Texas retail energy industry and remain committed to our mission of challenging the outdated legacy retailers who have had a monopoly on the way people in the state pay for electricity for far too long,” noted Real Simple Energy Founder & President Trent Crow. He added, “We are pleased to partner with HoustonOnTheCheap, who showcases local Texas businesses and offers serious value to their readers in the form of product and event promotions as well as money-saving ideas.”

Real Simple Energy has two distinct services for residential customers:  Fixed Rate and Fixed Bill.

Fixed Rate is best for average to larger homes and makes sure customers always have the cheapest plan for them by matching their unique usage profile to the hundreds of publicly available electricity plans. 

Fixed Bill is best for apartments, condos and below-average users of electricity, and allows customers to lock in a fixed monthly price for electricity for 6 months, regardless of usage.  This means customers will never have a surprise bill, and they can also earn cash credit at renewal if they use less than projected.  It resembles a customized energy-price subscription for your home and is always based on the cheapest electricity rates in the market.  It is the first time a third-party energy agent has offered this service. 

With both services, customers always receive Real Simple Energy‘s unique consolidated bill management service ensuring bill accuracy. Also, customers can rest easy when Real Simple Energy’s automated renewal process always keeps them in the best plan for their home, saving the most money possible.

You can learn more about their services at


Stay Tuned for More Great Content on Saving Money

As our partnership with Real Simple Energy grows, you can expect to see a lot of great content with tips on saving money and meeting your budgetary goals.

We look forward to providing you with content that lets you live your best life while thriving financially.