rooftop cinema club drive in theater

Some movie theaters have chosen to forgo their option of reopening their doors after the novel coronavirus shut them down. Others have chosen a different route, including Rooftop Cinema Club. It is set to open a new drive-in theater at Sawyer Yards on May 12.

This exciting new cinema experience will offer movie lovers a chance to escape their couches and living rooms and head over to the drive-in at Sawyer Yards where they can enjoy great movies while maintaining safe social distancing.

The drive-in is set to open starting May 12 and will have nightly showings of popular fan favorites. It will be held at Sawyer Yards, 2301 Summer St., behind Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Rooftop Cinema Club is known for their rooftop cinemas and is excited to present their first U.S. drive-in that places an emphasis on safety in the community, especially during this time.

Their goal is to reinstate the nostalgia of the drive-in experience and provide some support to the community of Houston through film. The new experience will be like your own home but with the security of viewing from your own vehicle.

Audiences will have a variety of modern and classic films to choose from. But the drive-in will begin with a classic title everyone enjoys, Grease.

Tickets for the event can be bought starting Wednesday, May 6 at noon on their website.

The drive-in will begin with two screenings every day of the week starting on Tuesday, May 12 through Sunday, May 17. And will begin to release more films after that.

Tickets for the dive-in theater will start at $28 per vehicle instead of paying per ticket at a regular movie theater. The occupancy of the vehicle doesn’t matter as long as you’re driving on four wheels with doors, you’re in!

Guests also have the option of bringing their own snacks from home or opting to buy something at the concessions from Rooftop Cinema or their partner Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co. at the site.

All orders for food should be made online and guests who ordered will be notified for pick up.

The concessions offered include items like popcorn, candy, and soda, as well as, slow-cooked short ribs, burgers, wraps and salad bowls from the brewery.

After pulling into the drive-in movie-goers will be assigned spots such as “Central View” or “Side View” based upon which ticket they’ve bought.

There will be a 100-foot screen that will project the film and audio can be heard through the local FM stereo in the car or you can bring a portable radio.

All restrooms will be carefully sanitized and all ages are welcomed to this event. Just make sure to check film ratings upon arrival.

Doors are set to open one hour before the first screening and 30 minutes prior to the second screening.

Check below for a list of movie listings set to air at the Rooftop Cinema Club’s drive-in theater.


First Week Movie Listings

May 12
• Grease
• Drive
May 13
• Night at the Museum
• Silence of the Lambs
May 14
• The Princess Bride
• Romeo + Juliet
May 15
• The Greatest Showman
• The Rocky Horror Picture Show
May 16
• Grease
• Moulin Rouge
May 17
• The Sandlot
• Brown Sugar


The Drive-In is located at 2301 Summer Street, Houston Texas, 77007.

The entrance to The Drive-In is on Summer Street, located off of I-10 freeway and Sawyer Street exit. The lot is located behind Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

For tickets and more information, visit the Rooftop Cinema Club’s website.