Saint Arnold Brewing Company


Saint Arnold Brewing Company in Houston is getting ready to reopen its beer garden. The garden will reopen on June 1 and there will be a new beer in the lineup upon opening. Gratuity is a dry-hopped pale ale. The sale of Gratuity will benefit Houston Shift Meal, a charity that offers meals to unemployed restaurant workers.

The Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner states that, “The decision to support Houston Shift Meal is personal.” This is because when the brewery had to make the shift to curbside pick-up orders only during the stay-at-home order, much of the Saint Arnold staff had their hours reduced. This was a problem that occurred or is occurring in restaurants and bars across the country.

Gratuity will be available in cans and is available for limited release. It is brewed with donated hops and malt from Yakima Chief Hops and Country Malt Group. HBC-630 is an experimental hop that was developed by Yakima Chief and it offers intense fruity flavors. Saint Arnold originally planned to brew the ale for the Craft Brewers Conference, which is held in San Antonio. The event ended up being canceled due to COVID-19.

Houston Shift Meal was founded by sommelier Cat Nguyen and publicist Jonathan Beitler in response to COVID-19 and the effects on the hospitality industry. Houston Shift Meal is raising money and distributing it to restaurant partners, who give out free meals to out-of-work members of the hospitality industry. They have raised over $100,000 since the start of the pandemic and have given out more than 20,000 meals. Restaurant partners include BOH Pizza & Pasta, Feges BBQ, Hugo’s, and more than 30 other restaurants. Saint Arnold has also been donating beer to go with the meals.

You’ll be able to visit the Saint Arnold beer garden starting on June 1. Gratuity will be made available June 2 at the beer garden and at other restaurants and bars in Houston.