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Is the summer heat scorching your wallet? Running the air conditioner all day can be incredibly expensive in Houston during the blistering summer months. When was the last time you compared electricity rates? Even comparing rates on the regular offers no guarantee you are getting the best plan with the most options. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a service which compared all the rates and hidden costs across Texas?

Now, there is! Real Simple Energy does all of the work for you to make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal possible so you can relax and enjoy your summer without breaking the budget. They aren’t an energy company- they compare rates and fees for you on the regular, schedule reminders to search when your contract is up, and even switch your services over for you. Simple!


Why You Need It

96% of people are overpaying for electricity service- that probably means you! And energy prices just keep getting higher. Last year, Houstonians paid 18% more for electricity than the year before thanks to record-high demand and tighter supplies. Chances are your energy bill has climbed quite a bit over the last couple years, and you may not have even realized it.

The energy companies were deregulated years ago but the industry is still dominated by major corporations who make energy plans increasingly complex. Fixed rate or variable? Average billing? Renewable energy? Delivery Charges? What is the point of signing up based on a rate fixed in time when that promotional rate will skyrocket in just a few months? It’s too much and too complicated to figure out what your bottom line will be.

Most electricity plans have multiple tiered rates which means you almost never know what you’re really paying. Not to mention, there are fees, credits, hidden costs, and “gotcha” clauses to take into account. These are difficult for experienced industry workers to sort through and even more confusing for the average consumer. Real Simple Energy makes sense of all of this for you, to the tune of an average $500 per year savings!

What could you do with an extra $500 a year?


How It Works

Created by an industry insider who wanted to get the best deal for their own home, Real Simple Energy was born. After noticing that most comparison tools are only looking at promotional rates without an average energy use, the site creators came up with an algorithm which takes all of the fine print into account.

Just visit their site, type in your zip code, and answer a few questions- then you’re on your way to big savings! Here are all of the benefits of using their service:

  • Search for plans which will save you the most money with the least amount of risk
  • Set reminders to search comparisons on the regular even if you’re already under contract
  • Handle your account management so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone
  • Sign you up with new providers to get your services and savings started
  • Offer 6 month, 12 month, and 100% renewable plans all with the best pricing
  • Act as your agent and advocate to make sure billing practices are on the up and up
  • Automatically search for new plans when your contract is ready to expire
  • Both owners and renters can take advantage- town-home or apartment? No problem!
  • 100% independent and unbiased


A Valuable Service

Even if you shop around, you’re probably not getting the best bargain. Plus, you’re spending a ton of time and effort which you could be putting into things you really love. Real Simple Energy does this for you and can save you an average of $300 per year for apartment dwellers and $5oo a year for those living in single-family homes. At just $9 per month, their service easily pays for itself.

Their website is quick, easy to maneuver, and simple to understand. They have the largest, most comprehensive database in the industry and they do not make a commission. They’re totally unbiased- you pay them, not the electricity company- so they offer you totally independent advice! For just $9 per month, they will manage your plan, switch you as needed, and constantly make sure you have the cheapest electricity bill possible. Real Simple Energy exists to help people get a fair rate on this basic life necessity and we think it’s a great deal, too!

Stay cool and comfortable all summer long without going broke!

Are you paying too much for electricity in Texas? Why not check out Real Simple Energy and start saving today?


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