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I know what you’re thinking. The idea of someone saving over $600 a year on their electricity bill is hard to believe. Unless, of course, you choose to shop around…and sift through the gimmicks…and are really good at math…and find a better energy provider that can provide lower costs.

The problem with that is that it can be tricky to understand which rate plans are really the best option for you and your home. You have to choose the best rate plans for your energy usage in order to save the most money. Understanding this while navigating energy providers’ detailed plans online can be more difficult than you think. Of course with the right advocate, they will remove the guesswork, offer expert opinions, and get you signed up for service that is guaranteed to save you some of your hard-earned money (& alot of time)!

Real Simple Energy is that company. And summer is the best time to sign up because it’s the time of year with the highest usage and most savings opportunity. As anyone living in Texas knows, the summer heat is hard to beat. Residents have no choice but to turn on (and leave on) the air conditioning, fans, and so on. The 3-4 typical months (June-Sept) of summer are the highest for electricity usage months across Texas every year.

Real Simple Energy constantly reviews the amount of electricity that your home consumes and tracks all the competitive plans in the market to find you the maximum savings available. Once you sign up, the savings start rolling in. It’s no wonder that in Texas, Real Simple Energy has so many 5-star reviews and even more happy customers

One customer reports saving a projected $600+ per year or more thanks to the plan that Real Simple Energy found for the customer. She signed up and when her June bill came in, she noticed she saved over $100 in one month! Despite using more electricity than the prior year, her bill took a huge dip! By the end of summer, it’s not uncommon for a user to see savings of $300-$500 in just the 3 main summer months. Of course, the savings don’t stop there. Substantial savings are still reported in the milder seasons. By the end of the year, many users will see savings of $600 per year or more, depending on previous plan comparisons and overall energy usage.

If you think it’s too good to be true, check out some of these reviews below before visiting to sign up!

“An easy way to find the best plan and price in your area for your home.  We have used Real Simple Energy for almost 6 months now and have been very happy with them. Planning to see what plans they propose for our renewal soon.” – Nancy

“I switched to Real Simple Energy 6 months ago after having so much difficulty navigating the complex energy supplier system in Texas. Since switching, I’ve saved so much $$$ from my previous supplier (despite moving to a larger house) and know that I have peace of mind around who my supplier is. Would highly recommend Real Simple Energy to anyone who A) doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding an energy provider and B) wants to save $$$ every month on your utility bill” – Hira

“Sign up was a breeze and the team is super responsive. On top of that, my electricity bill is the lowest it’s ever been! Super satisfied with the service and am glad I made the decision to go with Real Simple Energy.” – Katherine

If you’re still not sure, consider the words from Real Simple Energy founder, Trent Crow. When asked about how much Texans are overpaying on energy, he had this to say:

“People who live in houses overpay by an average of $500 per year and people in apartments overpay by about $300 per year. And one key metric that surprises people is that, according to government data, 96 percent of people in Texas are overpaying for electricity and don’t realize it.”

The best way to ensure that you’re not one of the 96% of households overpaying for your electricity is to visit and receive your free quote in less than 60 seconds. When it comes to Real Simple Energy, you have nothing to lose and money to gain!

Are you a Real Simple Energy customer? Let us know your thoughts on this money-saving service in the comments!


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