Sugar Land Sweet Cash

Sugar Land Sweet Cash Returns will connect with the Sugar Land community program and provide support to the local businesses, many of which suffered economic damages during the pandemic.

Sweet Cash is an award-winning gift card program launched in June 2020 and relaunched in November 2020 to incentivize holiday shopping. In these two rounds of Sweet Cash, and with over 1200 gift cards bought by various Sugar Land businesses, the initiative contributed $206,000 to Sugar Land’s economy and delivered 1,746 gift cards to various frontline staff members.

How to participate in Sugar Land Sweet Cash?

The process is pretty straightforward. For every voucher ranging from $50 to $500 bought from any of the Sugar Land businesses, buyers get a free voucher in return valued at the closet $50 increment, equal to or less than the original purchase. Additionally, the program introduces shoppers to a lot of new Sugar Land businesses that otherwise would have remained unexplored and unknown to them.

About Sweet Cash 2021

Sugar Land Sweet Cash Returns is among the three current initiatives under the City’s #AllInForSLTX campaign to vitalize businesses at Sugar Land and foster community delight.

The City has already invested around half a million dollars in these initiatives under the #AllInForSLTX through public-private funding and in association with Fort Bend County. To know more about Sweet Cash, click here.

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