showboat drive in deal

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to come up with innovative and creative ways of thinking in order to keep their company running properly. One of those businesses includes the film industry. And now streaming sites are getting competitive in their marketing tactics in order to maintain their viewers. Amazon is one of those businesses and they have a new film coming out to select drive-in theaters across the country. One selected is The Showboat Drive-In right in our backyard.

The latest film to hit Amazon is titled The Vast of Night. Usually the movie would go straight to the streaming service and would be available to those with an Amazon Prime account, but they have a new strategy this time.

Amazon is offering a new way of experiencing this film by displaying it across the U.S. at select drive-in theaters. One of those that were selected was The Showboat Drive-In down the road in Hockley, Texas near Cypress. And here’s the best part — for one weekend only, Amazon is sponsoring the tickets, so customers will only pay 50 cents each for entry!

If you were into the Twilight Zone growing up, then you’re sure to like The Vast of Night. The film has been likened to the show with its 1950’s science fiction thriller vibe. It follows a young switchboard operator and a radio DJ investigating a strangely eerie audio frequency that will eventually change the small town they live in forever.

Check out the trailer of The Vast of Night.

The movie is set to premiere on May 15 through May 21 in efforts to support the launch of the film’s future release on Prime Video May 29. And the good news is mostly everyone can afford it because it’s only 50 cents to attend the premiere on Friday May 15 and Saturday May 16. With a $16 carload price for Sunday through Thursday.

Tickets went on sale on May 8, so make sure to get them before they sell out. You can purchase tickets directly on the drive-in’s website