snapology online classes


Let’s face it, kids get bored easily, and finding a fun, new way to keep them busy can be quite difficult, especially all while being quarantined for weeks on end. Well, if you’re looking for a new way to occupy some of your child’s time that’s also beneficial to them, we might have the just the right thing for you. Snapology has announced they are bringing their popular LEGO bricks STEM-based (science, technology, engineering, and math) classes online.

You know those bricks you keep stepping on and howling for your kids to come pick up? Well turns out they might be beneficial for their brains! Those LEGOS can be transformed into fantastical characters like wizards, superheroes, and pop culture favorites from Star Wars and Minecraft, all while teaching kids valuable skills like engineering and problem-solving.

Snapology’s online classes teach your kids step-by-step how to build different things with their LEGOs with easy-to-follow directions.

And guess what? Tickets for this great class start are 30% off right now. What a steal to buy you some time to do whatever you want.

Your kids will have a ton of fun with Snapology’s STEM-based online class. They’ll keep busy with putting together those three-dimensional rectangles into fun and creative structures. This class provided by Snapology is the perfect activity for kids ages 4 to 14.

Snapology has tons of fun activities to choose from. Like superheroes, to Minecraft, Star Wars themes, wizards, LEGO City, and much more. The good news is Snapology is a class hosted by a teacher so no worries with having to teach your children with how-to videos. All you need to begin your projects is a small bin of LEGO bricks and a little imagination. This will give you about an hour or so to have some time to yourself.

Click here to learn more about LEGO’s Snapology class and get your child’s ticket to LEGO wonderland.