southwest airlines deal

It’s safe to say that we all have a little bit of cabin fever. The pandemic has presented most of us with more time indoors than we know what to do with. Are you fed up with staying put? Do you feel the itch to travel after feeling confined in your living space? As everyone starts to see the light at the end of this totally unexpected tunnel, you’re not alone in wanting to plan your escape. 

Southwest Airlines is offering a solution that won’t land you in financial insecurity! Right now, the airline is offering crazy discounts to those looking ahead to Spring. This includes one-way tickets for as low as $29! Customers will be able to book in accordance with this discount from now until the end of April. Here are some trips included in this deal:

  • One-way nonstop between Atlanta and Raleigh/Durham
  • One-way nonstop between Denver and Salt Lake City
  • One-way nonstop between Phoenix and Palm Springs

The airline is also offering incredibly inexpensive routes that are slightly higher than the above mentioned. For example, $99 can take you from San Diego to Hawaii, depending on when the ticket is purchased. 

This last point is important to mention — these rates are subject to change based on the time in which they’re scheduled. To check available trips and their adjoining rates in real-time, you can use Southwest Airlines’ handy search engine

 This deal expires at 11:59 P.M. CST on Thursday, January 7th, so when it comes to making travel plans, time is of the essence! For more information on Southwest Airlines’ trips, restrictions, and fees, please visit their website.