space center houston galaxy lights

Space Center Houston has a holiday galaxy light show that’s both stunning and high-tech, and it’s going to be expanded for 2020 to include open-air and safely distanced experiences. Families of all ages can enjoy this show, as the young kids can marvel at the lights and displays, while older visitors can admire the advanced technology and interaction the Space Center provides. Not only do we all get to enjoy the beautiful show, but Space Center will also provide interactive and fun education about our universe, the future of space, and what their role is in those plans. This attraction will take place from November 14 through January 3, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to see one of the area’s coolest holiday light displays.

Read on for all the info you need about Galaxy Lights at Space Center Houston.



The Galaxy Lights show at Space Center Houston has so much more to offer than its two amazing kinetic light shows. This year’s event is going to be bigger than ever before, while also adapting to provide a safe, socially distanced event for all to enjoy.

“We are expanding Galaxy Lights this year to include exciting new wonders. Explore the experiences below to see what’s new for 2020 including open-air and safely distanced experiences,” event organizers said in a statment.

They’ll also have a film viewing called “Holidays in Space,” which includes astronauts celebrating the holidays in space, running every 30 minutes for 15 minutes from 6:15-9:45.

There are yummy holiday drinks like hot cocoa and beautiful Christmas decor throughout their Zero-G Diner patio where you can enjoy a meal with the family or get a winter treat. Along with photo stations and s’more pits, you can also go see their 3o-foot rocket and learn more about what they do there.

Aside from the lights, they also have other displays, such as indoor meteor shower, a 200-foot LED light tunnel leading to NASA Johnson Space Center, light projections, holiday music, and stories of the universe told magically through lights. Following their intended path is the safest way to experience the interactive display. You also want to prepare to be outdoors for part of your trip, so check the weather and wear shorts or bring a jacket depending.



Ordering your tickets online is always convenient and helps ensure you get the lowest general admission price available, so we definitely recommend ordering your Galaxy Lights tickets here as soon as they become available.

Before you head out, you should also consider checking Groupon to see if they have any Galaxy Lights coupons available. Deals may pop up throughout the season, so check there first for the lowest pricing.

Prices range from $19.95 for public buyers, to $15.95 for members, to free admission for ages three and under. Also, be sure to bring $5 for parking.



Galaxy Lights is open nightly from 6 pm to 10 pm throughout the holiday season November 14 through January 3, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, December 10, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Make sure to order your tickets online to reserve a spot. It’s also one of the more popular things to do in Houston on weekends, so you’ll definitely want to show up early on those nights.

The Space Center Houston is located at 1601 NASA Pkwy, Houston, Texas, USA 77058. It isn’t lightyears away, but it’s sure to be a fun time had by all.

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