It’s time for Super Bowl LIII and you can bet it’s going to be a great show! Beyond the half-time show with Maroon 5 and the National Anthem as performed by Gladys Knight, you’ll be able to see all of the hilarious Super Bowl commercials and captivating movie trailers. Of course, if you’re in it just for the football, the showdown between the Patriots and the Rams might be all you need to see. Either way, it all starts with the kickoff at 6:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 3. You can watch the game live on CBS. If you have cable, you’re already set to watch the game. If you don’t, and you want to watch the Super Bowl online, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of ways to stream the Super Bowl in 2019 without cable! Let’s learn how!


The Best Ways to Stream the Super Bowl Live

You may not think it now, but it’s easy to watch the 2019 Super Bowl without cable. This is largely thanks to online streaming services. These services are inexpensive and allow you many of the same benefits that you had when you had cable. In short, they give you a way to watch cable channels without paying cable prices.

There are plenty of streaming services out there that offer the CBS live stream. Most of them offer similar features, so it will likely come down to personal preference. Differing details will often revolve around price, channel lineup, and layout of the service. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $45 a month. No contracts are involved, which means that you have the freedom to try and cancel as many services as necessary until you find the right one.

Each service is simple to use. As long as you have a streaming device and some decent WiFi you shouldn’t have any problem using any of the following services. Expect to find anywhere from 30 to 100+ channels, on-demand libraries, cloud-DVR access, and more! While local access can vary in most places, Houston is a big city, so you should be covered when it comes to CBS and all of the other local channels.


Stream Super Bowl 2019 with CBS All Access

At a Glance: The CBS live stream and a complete on-demand library are available for $5.99 per month. A 7-day free trial is available.

CBS All Access is a niche, single-channel service that gives you untethered access to the CBS live stream. While this probably doesn’t seem like a big deal on its own, you’ll also have access to an enormous on-demand library. You’ll be able to enjoy countless classics, some movies, and all of the new shows that are currently airing on CBS. All Access original content is also available.

CBS All Access works on mobile devices, computers, and most other streaming devices. For $5.99, it’s a great choice if you are in need of a CBS live stream and don’t have one from a digital antenna or another streaming service. Even though you’re limited to one network, you’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl online along with thousands of hours of additional content from the daytime and primetime lineup, news, sports, and more.

Watch the Super Bowl free when you sign up for the CBS All Access one-week free trial!


Watch the Super Bowl without Cable Online with fuboTV

At a Glance: More than 80 channels are available, which is impressive for a starting package. Even more impressive, for sports fans, is that fuboTV offers more than 30 sports channels with the option of additional add-on channels. Get 7-days free.

fuboTV is definitely one of the best choices for sports fans. While the service does include 80 channels, which means everyone should find something to watch, over 30 of those channels are sports channels. This means that over half of your content should be related to sports! In addition to the Super Bowl live stream, you’ll be able to watch NFL online, hockey, golf, Olympic Sports, college sports, basketball, and many others.

Packages for fuboTV start with an introductory price of $40. After that first month, the price goes up to $45 per month. You won’t have any contracts to sign, so you can cancel when you want. An on-demand library and a cloud-DVR are included with every package. Streaming is possible with most devices.

You can stream the Super Bowl free! Sign up for your FREE fuboTV 7-day trial.


The Super Bowl Live Stream is Available on Hulu Live

At a Glance: Watch over 50 live channels with Hulu’s on-demand service included in your package. You can stream on most devices. No contracts are required – Just pay $40 per month and you’re all set. Try the first week for free.

Hulu Live is a way to watch the Super Bowl live stream. It’s also a way to replace cable. Each package offers more than 50 channels including local channels, ESPN, TNT, Food Network, USA, and others. Hulu’s massive on-demand library is also included at no additional charge. This means that you’ll have all the on-demand content you could want including Hulu originals.

A cloud-based DVR offers 50-hours of storage space or you can upgrade to 200-hours. Families will be able to stream on two devices at once, but bigger families may want to upgrade to watch on as many devices at once as you want. Hulu with Live TV is available for $40 a month without any contracts. You can stream on most major devices.

Try Hulu Live free for the first week!


Watch the Super Bowl without Cable with PlayStation Vue

At a Glance: Like other services, PlayStation Vue offers multiple packages with a minimum of over 45 channels. Many add-on channels are available. A cloud-based DVR is included. Packages start at $45 per month, but you can try PS Vue free for 7-days.

PlayStation Vue might include the PlayStation name, but you don’t need a gaming console to sign up for one of these packages. Over 45 live channels are included in the basic package and there are packages offering even more if you want a larger package. Enjoy local channels, ESPN, AMC, USA, TNT, and many other channels.

PS Vue is $45 a month or more for larger packages. There are no commitments on any package, so if you don’t like one of them you can switch packages or cancel PS Vue altogether. You can stream on most devices including mobile and Roku. You can use a PS3 or PS4 console, but it’s certainly not required.

PlayStation Vue includes a FREE 5-day trial!


Stream the Super Bowl Live on DIRECTV NOW

At a Glance: DIRECTV NOW is a great choice if you want a full cable replacement option. Packages offer between 65+ and 125+ channels including local channels and many others. Prices start at $40. Try the first week free!

DIRECTV NOW offers more than 65 channels in every package. This means you’ll have access to sports, news, kids programming, primetime TV, movies, and much more! Every package includes an on-demand library, so you’ll be able to watch many shows at your leisure. There’s also a cloud-based DVR available, so you can record something to make sure you don’t miss it!

DIRECTV NOW has multiple packages, starting at $40 a month. You can stream on most devices, so whether you use mobile devices or Chromecast, you’re covered. Movie channels can be added to any package. Subscribers can stream on two devices simultaneously or add a third stream for a small fee.

You can try DIRECTV NOW risk-free for 7-days!


If you have any more questions about how to watch the Super Bowl without cable, feel free to let us know in the comment section!