sugar land sweet cash

As small businesses struggle to survive during the coronavirus pandemic, the City of Sugar Land has come up with an innovative idea to support local businesses while also giving to the frontline workers who are risking everything while doing their jobs.

The new “Sweet Cash” initiative incentivizes customers to support small businesses across Sugar Land. Here’s how it works — shoppers can purchase a $40 or more gift card from any local business in Sugar Land, and then, after uploading proof of purchase, the city will issue two gift cards to other local businesses — one to the shopper who purchased the gift card as a “thank you” for supporting local businesses, and another to a frontline worker.

“The process is simple – Buy, Get, Give! For every gift card you BUY from ANY Sugar Land business from June 20 until supplies last, you will GET a gift card from a different participating business and Sweet Cash will GIVE a gift card to a frontline worker,” the website explains.

The city says the new Sweet Cash initiative could bring $200,000to benefit local small businesses and more than $400,000 into the overall Sugar Land economy.

“We call on our community to take part in the city’s recovery efforts by participating in the Sweet Cash initiative that offers the opportunity to support our local businesses and frontline workers simultaneously with the single purchase of a gift card,” Sugar Land City Manager Michael Goodrum said in a statement.

You can learn more about the Sweet Cash Program by visiting the official website.