With summer travel sharply declining this year, many of us are looking for other ways we can relax outside of our homes while staying safe.

Enter Swimply — a relatively new service that lets you rent private pools in your area by the hour.

Think of Swimply as the Airbnb for swimming pools. Local homeowners with swimming pools put them up for rent with rates starting as low as $15 per hour in some cases (the average rental is about $45 per hour, according to reports).

Currently, there are 4,500 private pools to choose from across the US, Canada, and Austalia. Here in Houston, you can take your pick from around 60 beautiful private pools and rent them by the hour. Prices vary depending on the size and type of the pool, location, and bonus amenities (such as bathroom access) included with the rental.

Renting a pool is way more affordable than buying one, and as the owners of Swimply have pointed out, people borrow pools all the time from friends and neighbors, so it’s not exactly a new thing. This service just makes the process of borrowing a pool way more convenient and offers way more exciting options.

During the pandemic, Swimply has seen a huge spike in demand for its service. The CDC has declared that swimming pools are safe since chlorine mitigates the virus, and Swimply also goes above and beyond to work with hosts to ensure proper measures are taken to ensure a safe, contactless experience for guests.

Want to take a dip and get a break from the heat? Check Swimply.com to see private pools available for rent near you.