T-Rex in HMNS at Sugar Land

T-Rex Week At Houston Museum of Natural Sciences (HMNS) Image Courtesy – HMNS.org

Prehistoric animals have always remained a curiosity for everyone. The topic is even more popular among kids, who are intrigued by their enormous size and their sudden extinction millions of years ago. T-Rex Week coming to Houston in July is an opportunity for everyone to learn about prehistoric creatures. The week-long event that starts from July 12 and continues until July 16 will take place at HMNS at Sugar Land and offer various activities.

T-Rex Week Houston – Event Schedule

Paleo Activities with HMNS at Sugar Land SciTeens (July 12 – 16, 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM)

Crafts and activities to learn everything about T-Rex and a range of other prehistoric animals

Survivor: Ultimate Edition (Saturday, July 10, 11:00 AM to 4 PM)

Play the Survivor game to know if T-Rex were the only ones to go extinct or if they weren’t alone. Discover who was the ultimate survivor. The event features fossil contestants from our Paleontology Hall.

Survivor: Arthropod Edition (Saturday, July 17, 11:00 AM to 4 PM)

Arthropods have been residents of the earth for over 500 million years. However, how have they evolved over the years, and what makes them survivors? Know it through this game. Also, create your arthropod fossils.

Additionally, you get to travel back in time to the Age of Dinosaurs on the event’s Augmented Reality screen and experience a walk amidst an environment featuring these enormous creatures that ruled the earth.

Members get free admission to HMNS at Sugar Land permanent exhibits. If you are not a member, join T-Rex Week using the code ROAR15 to get 15 percent off on any membership level.

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About The Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has been in operation since 1909. It aims to enhance the knowledge and delight in natural science and related objects within individuals. Additionally, the museum offers a range of exhibits and attractions, within which you can spend an entire day or more exploring the museum.


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