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Best Tattoo Shops in Houston – Image Credit: Unsplash

Tattoos are timeless and always hold a significant sentiment for those who get them. That’s why if you live in Houston and want to get a tattoo, it is imperative that you only go to the best tattoo shops in Houston. But how do you determine if they are the best? 

You want a place that not only employs creative artists, but one that also invests in the best equipment and keeps their place sanitized regularly. To make it easier for you, here is our very own list of the top Houston tattoo shops that you can visit for your next tattoo. 

Best Tattoo Shops in Houston

Timeless Ink Studio

tattoo shops Houston Timeless Ink

Image credit: Timeless Ink Facebook page

Just one look at Timeless Ink Studio’s pristine surroundings will let you know just how serious they take their cleanliness. This award-winning shop specializes in various ways to tattoo, so it’s best to take a look at their website to see if they fit the aesthetic you are going for. Tattoo prices start at $80. 
Where: 12835 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077

Primary Colors Tattoo

tattoo places in Houston Primary Colors

Image Credit: Primary Colors Facebook page

Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wracking, but Primary Colors Tattoo has a friendly and pleasing environment that will make you feel relaxed. From intricate black and grey to colorful and bold tattoos, you’ll surely find an artist to bring your ideas to life. 
Where: 2343 University Blvd Ste a, Houston, TX 77005

Houston Heights Tattoo & Piercing

Houston Heights tattoo artist

Image Credit: Houston Heights Facebook page

Houston Heights has five artists on its roster, so be sure to see each one’s portfolio to find the one who can help you with the design you had in mind. Their rates start at $100 minimum or by the hour. If you do not have a design yet in mind, they will gladly assist you in coming up with a creative design that is uniquely yours. 
101 W 14th St, Houston, TX 77008


Sintown Tattoo Studio

Tattoo shops in Houston Texas Sintown

Image Credit: Sintown Facebook page

Sintown Tattoo Studio prides itself in combining “historical connections with modern craftsmanship”. It has been around since 2005, so you know you are getting years of experience in the industry. They can give you traditional tattoos, but you can also get something more modern and edgy if you want. 
648 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77079


3rd generation Ink

When it comes to iconic and best tattoo shops in Houston, there’s no deleting 3rd Generation Ink from the list. Not only is it one of the oldest shops in Houston but in the whole country as well, earning it a spot in Tattoo Hall of Fame for its patriarch Bob Shaw. A third-generation Shaw is now taking the helm, ensuring that his grandfather and father’s legacy will continue on. 
Where: 126 Heights Blvd, Houston


Flying Squid Tattoo

Flying Squid tattoo parlor

Image Credit: Flying Squid Facebook page

Here is a place that is more than just your average tattoo parlor in Houston. Aside from getting a tattoo, they also offer professional piercing, and, get this, an art gallery on their premises. You might even be inspired by all the art you see around and want to incorporate it into your tattoo! With eight multi-talented artists on their roster, at Flying Squid Tattoo, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one to bring your tattoo to life. 
Where: 1507 N Durham Dr, Houston


The Redhawk Studio

Tattoo places in Houston Redhawk Studios

Image Credit: Redhawk Studios Facebook page

While some tattoo shops use all sorts of techniques for their tattoos, the Redhawk Studio specializes in line tattoos and blackwork. It may seem simple compared to doing full-color tattoos, but this specialty requires expertise and precision. Because they don’t accept walk-ins, make sure to get an appointment first. 
Where: 3420 Rusk St #10, Houston, TX 77003


Scorpion Studios Tattoo

Scorpion Studios Tattoo has many things to offer for its customers. Not only do you get the expertise and experience of high-quality artists, but they have also made sure that they invest in their equipment. They have a lot of designs ready for you to choose from, but you can quickly consult with them if you want something that is a little more customized. 
Where: 1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006


Kitsune Tattoo Company

 Kitsune Studio

Image credit: Kitsune Facebook page

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox, so you might expect this tattoo shop to offer some quirky, unique designs for its clients. Many of their clients want to get tattooed with anime designs, such as the one above. They do not allow walk-ins, so book that appointment today!
17675 A, TX-249 Ste. 22-23, Houston, TX 77064


Blessed Tattoo Company

Blessed Studio is all about luxury. From their site itself to the designs they come up with for their clients, they want to give the best that can be offered. Aside from tattoos, they also do permanent makeup. What’s good about this place is that they allow walk0ins, so if you’re the type to impulsively decide that you want a tattoo now, head on over to The Galleria. 
6238 Richmond Ave suite b, Houston, TX 77057


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