Texas All-Star Wrestling

The longest-running independent pro wrestling company in Texas is hosting a one-day live wrestling event on Sunday, May 19th at the one-and-only Traders Village right here in Houston The event will feature a cast of larger-than-life wrestlers squaring off in thrilling matches all inside a real wrestling ring. Best of all? The event is completely FREE for the whole family.

Texas All-Star Wrestling has been touring strong since 1994 and is only one of three wrestling promotion companies to be based in the Greater Houston area. TASW became the first successful wrestling promotion in Texas after several other Texas-based wrestling promotions closed for good in the 1990s. Today, TASW is recognized as one of the top wrestling promotions in the state by The Galveston County Daily News and Houston Chronicle.

Texas All-Star Wrestling will enter the ring live at Traders Village on Sunday, May 19th for “SLAMFEST,” an event featuring some of TASW’s most high profile wrestlers and personalities. The first match is at 1:30 pm sharp, but there’s plenty of fun to be had beforehand so arrive early!

TASW’s diverse roster includes high-flying Lucha Libre wrestlers like Estrella Gallactica and over-the-top TASW characters like Tag Team Champions Pump Patrol, Big Daddy Yum Yum, “Sexy Steve de Marco,” “Afroman” Hendrix, Miranda, Kiki, and Alejandra the Lion. Who knows, even Yul the Giant might make an appearance!

After you’ve had your fill of wrestling, be sure to stick around Traders Village to see why this one-of-a-kind open-air market has become a Houston landmark. Traders village offers over 150 acres of eclectic bargain-hunting among thousands of vendors selling everything you can imagine. Aside from shopping, Traders Village offers a wide range of food and drink vendors and classic American amusement park-style rides (don’t forget to get your unlimited ride pass for just $9.99 plus tax).

Texas All-Star Wrestling’s free SLAMFEST event will take place inside the Grey Expo at Traders Village on Sunday, May 19. Parking at Traders Village is always just $4.

For more information visit the event’s official website, the Texas All-Star Wrestling website, or call 281.890.5500.


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