Will Texas Bluebonnets bloom in 2021? That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind these days.

If you’ve ever driven up or down a major Texas highway in the spring, you’ve probably seen beautiful blue flowers that dot the grass. Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas. The bluebonnets not only provide beautiful scenery while traveling but also compel families and couples to pull over for photo sessions in them. Searching for bluebonnets this spring? Here’s some information about what they are, whether or not they’ll bloom in 2021, and where to find them near you. 

Texas Bluebonnets

The pandemic-ridden year 2020 left Texas ready for 2021 and a fresh start. As we’ve ventured three months into 2021, it’s no secret that this year hasn’t been perfect either. Texas was hit hard by winter storm Uri. The cold and snow decimated many parts of Texas. The extreme cold is something we’re not used to, it’s also something the flora and fauna aren’t either. 

The bluebonnet made an early appearance in Houston during the month of January. Many flower enthusiasts were excited and confused as the blooms emerged. However, their hopes were put into jeopardy as Texas endured the cold. Temperatures dropped below zero and Texas experienced the most severe winter weather to hit the state in over 100 years. The annual peak of the bluebonnet bloom is around the heart of springtime: late-March and April. This explains why seeing bluebonnets in January was so surprising. The winter storm Uri hit in February and Texans were worried they wouldn’t see the beautiful flower bloom this year.

Surviving Cold Weather

However, experts at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center have weighed in to assuage our state-wide fears.  “Believe it or not though, most native perennial or biennial plants such as bluebonnets fared just fine under the insulated snow and ice. If we can get some steady rain in the coming weeks and temperatures to stay in the mid-’80s or below through April, it should be a great Texas bluebonnet spring.”

It’s most common to see bluebonnets blooming in Central Texas near I-10 that runs between San Antonio and Houston, then north toward Dallas. The flowers thrive there because bluebonnets tend to enjoy degraded soil. They like to soak in full sun with plenty of space to grow. This means that big fields of bluebonnets are common, especially in highly grazed areas, places that have experienced fires, or fields that have been mowed.

Texas Bluebonnets Expected To Bloom in Spring 2021!

Temperatures dropped low and the wind chill intensified during winter storm Uri. Snow blanketed the ground, leaving many wildflower enthusiasts afraid that we wouldn’t see the bluebonnet this spring. However, experts agree that the snow actually protected the flower like a cozy, warm blanket. So, if you’re searching for bluebonnets this spring, have hope! It’s highly likely that they will bloom up and down the Texas highways in a great capacity as spring is warming up. 

Fortunately, while air temperatures and wind chill dipped below zero, the snow actually protected flowers like a nice, warm blanket, explains Andrea DeLong-Amaya, director of horticulture for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. Keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for a bountiful bloom of Texas Bluebonnets in Spring 2021!

Continue to watch this space in the next few days for guides on the best places to enjoy Texas Bluebonnets near you! 

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