Road trips within Texas and to Texas are very popular right now. Last year, COVID 19 was a dampener for road trips anywhere across the United States. However, now that vaccination is in full swing and the country is opening up, travelers are keen to head out.

WalletHub compared 50 states based on 33 key metrics to rank the most scenic, fun, and pocket-friendly road trip destinations. And, every Texan would be delighted to know that Texas has been ranked second in the US for summer road trips. Here’s a short report on the methodology and parameters WalletHub considered to compare.

How Texas Ranked #2 For Summer Road Trips

Texas earned a total score of 58.25 and got placed second only to New York that scored 59.86. So yes, it was a close call and maybe we can beat New York next year. The scoring model used parameters such as the number of attractions across the state, road conditions, safety, activities, and road trip costs. With all its natural beauty, weather, excellent road conditions, motels, and activities happening during summers, Texas ranked second across the length and breadth of the US.

WalletHub Methodology For Ranking Best Road Trip Destinations

To determine the best states for road trips in the United States, WalletHub compared all the states across three key dimensions: costs, safety, and activities. It evaluated them using 33 relevant metrics, with each metric graded on a 100-point scale and with a score of 100 representing the best road trip conditions in summer.

For instance, some metrics across the cost dimension included maximum toll costs, average gas prices, lowest camping price, average car repair cost, living index cost, etc. On the other hand, safety involved metrics including population density, vehicle miles traveled per capita, driving laws rating, traffic indiscipline, etc.

Lastly, activities comprised evaluation across parameters including national parks recreation visitors per capita, the number of attractions, access to scenic byways, zoos, and botanical gardens share of the total area designated as national parkland, amusement and theme parks per capita, historical sites per capita, summer weather favorability, etc.

Read more about the WalletHub report here.

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