source: Greg Abbott Facebook


If you visit a COVID-19 state-run mobile testing site for a COVID test you will now receive a free surgical mask.

On Wednesday, Governor Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Division of Emergency Management in conjunction with the Texas Military Department, will start distributing 3-ply masks to each Texan that comes to get tested.

Mask distribution will begin on Thursday throughout the state. Every person will have the option of taking up to 4 masks, for themselves and others they live with.

According to Gov. Abbott’s statement, “Wearing a mask or facial covering in public is an effective way for Texans to protect themselves and others from the transmission of COVID-19.” Abbott went on to say, “This program helps ensure that Texans have the resources they need to effectively mitigate the spread of this virus and keep themselves and their communities safe. I continue to urge all Texans to do their part by taking necessary precautions that will reduce the spread of COVID-19 throughout our state.”

If you’re looking for a state-run testing site you should be able to find one close to home, here.