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After your rent or mortgage, usually the most expensive bill is your utility costs. By reducing the amount of energy you use, you can lower your bill and help the environment at the same time. Of course, that might sound like something that is easier said than done. So, if you’re turning off your lights and keeping your thermostat at a higher temperature and still struggle with an electric bill that’s too high, there might be other ways to reduce your costs.

Here are some quick tips that will allow you to see a difference in your electric costs.


Make sure you have a cheap electricity plan

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This is literally the easiest thing you can do to lower your energy costs immediately.  Navigating the cheapest price for your electric bill can be difficult on your own, but Real Simple Energy makes it so much easier. After a quick signup, they will find you a plan that will save you the most money. They handle everything and coordinate with the electric provider, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

On average, Texas families that are signed up to Real Simple Energy pay 36% less than they used to pay.

Go to and get a $30 credit on your first month’s bill by entering CHEAP30 at sign up!


Switch your light bulbs to LED bulbs

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Using LED light bulbs means that you’ll use 90% less energy than you would with incandescent bulbs. Not only do they use less energy, they last longer, too. They’re more expensive than incandescent but they are well worth the investment.  You’ll be shocked how much money they will save you in a short period of time!  So, you’ll save money on energy costs and you won’t need to buy light bulbs as often. This will help you save money in more ways than one! 


Keep the blinds shut and use fans

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By shutting the blinds or curtains on the sunny side of your home, you’ll keep your home cooler and avoid the air conditioner from coming on as much. Using ceiling fans instead of the a/c also cuts down greatly on electricity costs In the summer months.


Set a schedule for your thermostat

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For many homes, one of the top energy costs relates to heating and/or cooling. To save money you can set your thermostat on a schedule. If you’re not at home and the kids are at school, you can turn the heat or air down. If it’s set on a schedule you won’t have to worry about coming home to a hot (or cold) house. The heat/air will pop on at the scheduled time so that when you arrive home, the house is nice and comfy.

This small change will help you to save some money off your bill, but there is more that you can do!


Unplug what you’re not using

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While you obviously can’t unplug your refrigerator, there are many things in your home that you can unplug. Even though you turn off your lamps, TV, and other appliances, they are still using energy! In fact, the majority of energy used in a home is from plugged in but turned off household items. So, unplug your toaster and save some extra money.


Do you have any more energy-saving tips? Let us know in the comments!