NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story has captivated audiences for generations. First published as a novel in Germany 1979 and later released as a 1984 cult-classic film, The NeverEnding Story recounts the tale of Bastian Balthazar Bux, a small and neglected boy who discovers he is part of a much larger and much more magical world. Houston’s own Kids’ Backporch Productions has adapted this timeless story to the stage and will be presenting it live starting this weekend. If you want to explore the world of The NeverEnding Story like you never have before, now’s your chance: is offering half-off tickets while they last.

The NeverEnding Story remains so popular today thanks to the rich, imaginative world it offers audiences to explore. The story mixes the swords and sorcery of high fantasy with our own reality, inviting audiences to picture themselves as part of the story. As Bastian reads The NeverEnding Story, he comes to discover that he himself is a character in another reality’s version of the story, and that the very act of reading the book has the power to influence reality itself.


Houston’s Kids’ Backporch Productions has adapted this fantastical tale to the stage that places real Houston-area kids in the middle of the action. Kids’ Backporch Productions will perform The NeverEnding Story on Friday, March 1 at 7:00pm; Saturday, March 2 at 2:30pm & 7:00pm; and Sunday, March 3 at 2:30pm.


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