the office trivia

Are you a die-hard lover of the hit comedy The Office? Well get in line because so are a lot of other people. If you enjoy the humorous nature of the show and have seen all the seasons more than a few times, we have the perfect event for you. And best of all, the event will be held right in your home!

The Office Online Trivia event will let you put your knowledge of the show to the test against other fans. You’ll have the chance to win some really cool prizes, so fire up Netflix and start binging old episodes again so you’re ready for the big event on Wednesday, April 15th.

Goldstar is bringing you an opportunity you just can’t refuse. Having some fun with other The Office enthusiasts and you don’t even have to leave your house? What could be more perfect?

You’ll get to interact with likeminded individuals and socialize while making other friends. Another great thing about The Office Trivia is that it’s also following social distancing requirements set by the government.

Some more great news because there will be prizes involved when you participate in the live online event, The Office Trivia. The prizes will include a Dundie as well as an Amazon Gift Card and other prizes that will be announced later. That’s right, you can get paid with some great prizes just by displaying your knowledge of The Office!

The event will be held right in the comfort of your home via the Zoom platform. It’s a virtual room that can be accessed right through your computer and webcam or through a smartphone/tablet.

So, when will this glorious event take place? The Office Trivia Live Online will be held on Wednesday, April 15 starting sharp at 6 pm Central Time. Tickets are only $10.99, what a great deal to participate in a fun event and win some neat prizes with everything going on.

Because of stay at home orders and social distancing guidelines, it can be tough to find fun things to keep yourself busy. This is a wonderful chance to participate in a fun lighthearted challenge with other people that love The Office as much as you.

For more on how to get tickets to The Office Trivia live online click here.