the brain exhibit

Visit this exhibit? That’s a no-brainer. The BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head exhibit is open now until September 6th at The Health Museum in Houston.

Visit The Health Museum in Houston and learn all about the brain: from the basic inner workings, to how it processes information and all in between. 

This 3,000 square foot exhibit will take you inside the brain: literally. Learn everything there is to know about sleep, why we dream, mental illness, disorders, and diseases.

Walkthrough a tunnel where you’ll see brain cells, and neurons firing above your own head, thanks to special effects and 3D reproductions of what’s really going on inside of your head.

How exactly do synapses work? At the exhibit, you’re able to release a signal ball down an “axon tunnel” to show the action between neurons. Once the ball is released, it disappears and sets off a light show, showcasing the action of an electrical signal traveling between neurons.

What does sleep to do the brain? You can play a video game to understand how sleep helps us recharge the brain. The game “Nightshift” shows visitors that while humans sleep, their brains are doing memory, repair, and growth work. Is your brain really bigger than animals? At the museum, you can compare sizes, shapes, and other characteristics of human and animal brains. 

Thanks to a sponsorship by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the exhibit also shows visitors the future of medical and technological exploration of the brain.

The exhibit is perfect for all ages and is open Mondays – Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM, Thursday, 9 AM – 7 PM, and Sunday, 12 PM – 5 PM. General admission to the museum is $10 an adult, $8 a child (ages 3-12), and $8 a senior (65+).

And if you’re looking for a deal, the museum offers free family Thursdays from 2 PM – 7 PM. The museum is free for members and children under two years.


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