Orleans Seafood Kitchen

If you dine in at Orleans Seafood Kitchen this month, you’ll be able to give back and get a discount! 

Throughout the month of January, the restaurant will be giving customers a discount of $5 off their total bill. This discount will be granted to anyone who brings in a donation of three non-perishable food items. In addition, this coupon will be applied to bills over $20 and over, excluding any purchases of alcohol.

This promotion is in accordance with the restaurant’s Pack The Pantry initiative. Pack The Pantry is a food drive that takes place all over the country. This great cause offers a way to give support to those who are suffering financially. This fundraiser isn’t new as of this year; however, it’s especially pertinent in the wake of this pandemic. 

All of Orleans Seafood Kitchen’s collected donations will go to The Ballard House, located in Katy, TX. This wonderful organization provides free temporary housing to those visiting and caring for patients of the West Houston Medical Center. In doing so, the Ballard House offers up a warm, homey environment for those going through especially hard times. To learn more about The Ballard House or more direct donations, please visit its website. 

Orleans Seafood Kitchen invites you to help out with this cause and have a fabulous meal! Gather your family or friends to enjoy a safe and delicious dining experience at this establishment. 

This New Orleans-influenced eatery is owned by Chance Comstock and Marcus Payavla, two Houston locals with a penchant for Louisiana fare. The restaurant features a full bar, specials for kids, a spacious outdoor patio, and more. For more information about the restaurant and this current promotion, please visit Orleans Seafood Kitchen’s website.