Philo TV Review: This Streaming Service Offers 40 Top Channels for Just $20 a Month

Streaming video has changed the way we consume television and movies forever, but that doesn’t mean that streaming has necessarily made things easier in terms of finding something to watch. The menu of streaming services can be a bit daunting these days given how many different streaming apps and sites there are and the wide range of options, features, and content they offer. If you’re looking for a hassle-free live TV streaming service with an essential package of channels for a low cost, then you should check out Philo TV. In this quick Philo TV review, we’ll show you how it’s a cheap cable TV alternative worth considering.


What is Philo TV?

Simply put, Philo TV is a streaming service that offers 40 popular channels for just $20 a month. You can even try Philo TV free for 7 days to see if you like it or not.

Like Netflix, there’s no contract and you pay month to month, so you can cancel any time you want. All of the channels are delivered live, just like you would see with cable.

Remember, the average cable bill is $106 a month these days. At $20 a month, Philo TV is nearly $90 cheaper than the typical cable package. That means you can save almost $1,000 a year by cutting cable and using Philo instead.

How is Philo TV so cheap?

There are no sports channels included. Sports rights are expensive, which is one reason way other streaming services and cable packages cost so much more than Philo. But the Philo channels list includes 40 of the most popular cable networks including AMC Networks, Discovery, A+E Networks, Animal Planet, BET, Comedy Central, MTV, TLC, Nickelodeon, BBC America, BBC World News, HGTV, Discovery, Food Network, Lifetime, the Travel Channel, the Oprah Winfrey Network, WEtv, and more.

The Philo channels list has something for adults and kids alike, with plenty of educational programming, reality TV shows, movies, documentaries, news, and more.

One of the other features which sets Philo apart is an integrated social platform allowing users to connect with one another and share what they’re watching, or even watch content alongside their Philo friends.

Again, the service starts at just $20 a month and can easily replace a traditional cable subscription.

There is also an add-on package including American Heroes Channel, BET Her, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, Logo, MTV Live and Nicktoons.


How Can You Watch Philo TV?

Philo works on most mobile devices and tablets, smart TVs, streaming players (e.g. Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV), or even over a web browser.

One subscription supports three simultaneous streams and includes a 30-day cloud DVR. Additionally, Philo lets you replay just about anything that has aired over the last 3 days, giving you another way to access even more content on demand. In short, this service is really great for those who like to record a bunch of shows.

The user interface in Philo is also really clean and easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech junkie to navigate this service.

All of these features when coupled with an insanely low price point make Philo a serious contender as one of the top cable TV alternatives and live streaming services.

Sounds too good to be true for $20/month? Sign up for a free 7-day trial and see why Philo is already making waves in the streaming market.


Philo TV Review: Final Thoughts

For a cable-free TV service on the cheap, it’s very hard to beat what Philo brings to the table. If you’re someone who doesn’t need ESPN and other major sports channels, this service is a great way to enjoy some of your favorite cable channels at a fraction of the cost.

Try Philo TV free for 7 days.