Traders Village Festival del Mariachi

Summer is in full swing, and Houston is coming alive with festivals and celebrations in honor of the great weather. On Sunday, July 28, Traders Village will throw one of the best parties of the summer as it hosts Festival del Mariachi 2019, a celebration of one of North America’s most distinctive musical styles.

Mariachi music is recognized as one of Mexico’s most unique musical traditions and has been around since at least the early 18th century under a variety of names. The style we know today as mariachi music began evolving after the Spanish arrived in Mexico around 500 years ago. When Spanish explorers settled in Mexico, they brought European-style musical instruments with them including violins, guitars, and brass instruments. These instruments became incorporated into Mexican folk musical styles and eventually evolved into the form we know today.

In modern times, mariachi music has become a popular folk form of music which can be heard in restaurants, bars, or in city squares throughout Mexico and its neighbor to the north, Texas. To celebrate this truly unique musical form, Traders Village has assembled some of the best mariachi bands that Houston has to offer and gathered them all under one roof.

The party will feature festive mariachi performances, authentic Mexican food, and plenty of cold beverages to keep the party going. This is a FREE event open to the public, and parking is always just $4.

After you’ve had your fill of world-class mariachi music, be sure to stick around for what Traders Village does best: open air shopping and amusement park rides. Traders Village hosts over 150 acres of bargain-hunting shopping among thousands of vendors offering up everything under the sun at a great price. Once you’ve found your latest Instagram-worthy deal, be sure to pick up an unlimited rides wristband for just $9.99 and check out the thrilling rides Traders Village has to offer.

Traders Village Festival del Mariachi 2019 will take place Sunday, July 28 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm in the Grey Expo.

Traders Village is located at 7979 N. Eldridge Rd., Houston, Texas 77041. For more information visit the event’s official website or call 281-890-5500.


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