university of houston emergency fund

While this has been a tough time for everyone, the University of Houston released heartwarming news for currently enrolled students with financial challenges, if you’re willing to help.

It’s no news that the COVID19 impact on the general society has been quite devastating, especially for students who already had some financial challenges, even before the global pandemic.

Instead of complaining of the heartbreaking challenges, and challenges they face this period, the school management sees it as an opportunity to show an ethic of support and care for their students. They’ve offered to provide “short-term relief” for students who have some personal or financial emergency like food, utilities, and more. Or for students that are faced with unexpected financial expenses.

For some students, this may be a hope to continue with their education and is crucial to their success.

As the school can’t pull this off alone, they’re urging everyone to reach out and donate to the Cougar Emergency Fund. They’ve also promised that all donations will be used in supporting the students’ financial challenges and other important stuff like tuition assistance, medical assistance, technology, and more.

Plus, every dollar donated will be doubled, thanks to the new Matching Funds sponsored by the UH Foundation and the James Wade Rockwell Fund, all up to $500,000.

What best could you do with extra cash right now, but donate it to our University, to students who need it most during this hard time? And yes, we hope to set a path that in future these students can look to give back what they’ve been giving during this international crisis.

While this global pandemic might be tough on our students, it’s essential to know that there is a solution and that we won’t have to wait for the government’s relief check, which we can’t vouch for.

If you think your donation will seem small, for some students in this crisis, it will go a long way.

Keep safe, wash your hands, and don’t forget to check-in for the latest happening in Houston.