usps informed delivery

Many of us have been laid off due to COVID-19 related concerns. The number of people filing for unemployment a few weeks ago jumped by the millions, going from 3 million one week to 6 million the next. Because of financial concerns hitting Americans and the economy nationwide, the government has agreed to provide a stimulus package to help ease Americans’ anxiety.

The stimulus package includes checks that are scheduled to reach bank accounts by the end of the week or early next week.

Individuals that earned less than $75k last year should expect a check of $1200. $2400 for couples filing a combined income less than $150k and families can get $500 additionally for each child.

Although many will be receiving their checks through direct deposit, there are still the 10 million people receiving their checks through the United States Postal Service. If this includes you, USPS now has a feature that will let you know when your check will arrive.

This free service offered by the USPS offers a way to help Americans know when their checks will arrive. This feature is not only helpful to lessen anxiety, but also gives people the chance to postpone certain bills until the date they will receive their money.


How Do You Sign Up?

Signing up for this feature is fairly easy. If you visit the USPS website you can sign up for Informed Delivery, you’ll first have to verify your identity. This will enable you to be emailed grayscale photos of each letter-sized piece of mail that will reach your mailbox each day.

When you receive a picture of an IRS envelope, that’s the notification that your stimulus check is on the way. This will give you a timeframe for when you should check your mailbox.

For people who live in apartment complexes or for those who have a cluster mailbox in their community, this service will be especially helpful.

Once you’ve signed up for this feature by USPS it takes about three business days to start receiving notifications by email. Something to keep in mind, not every address is eligible for Informed Delivery. Click here to find out if your address is eligible for Informed Delivery.